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Independent Scotland - Green Scotland - Nuclear Free Scotland

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The reason we are promoting this petition is not to request permission. We do not need permission but when 100,000 + Sovereign Scots unite on a document that is a demand and a declaration. There will be Big trouble in non democratic Westminster. SIGN HERE JOIN The Scotland Scottish Army petition.parliament.uk/petitions/628746

Only a vote for the SNP will stop the Tories slashing more Scottish budgets etc.

Scottish Independence of Full Fiscal Autonomy

A one twelfth share of the current UK debt.

A full share of our trillion pound asset
from oil & gas revenues.

An asset that Scotland could borrow on to use to invest in developing its economy and green energy potential.

The Scottish budget has been balanced over the last 4 years.

In the last 4 years the Scottish economy made
+ £3.5 billion.

Ireland's banks like the UK banks failed.

The celtic tiger is still booming and Ireland is a still a major employer because of its IT literate population and a major European exporter. With a population still 30% better off than the UK population.
Scotland could reduce the Corporation tax to attract overseas business like Ireland.

In the next 8 years Scottish Oil will make an additional £8 billion in oil and gas revenues.

In a Independent Scotland there would be reduced spending cuts.

In an Independent Scotland the bank bail out loan would have cost Scotland a twelfth of two billion. £166 million.

At the Holyrood election

Vote SNP for
Full fiscal autonomy i.e. Scotland deals with all its finances including our oil, gas and green energy revenues or full Scottish Independence and control all our assets.

The return of 6,000 square miles of Scottish Sea claimed by England in 1999. Allowing us to claim all of the Oil and Gas discovered east coast fields of which 50% remainss. This is not counting the massive fields on the West Coast of Scotland that greedy London Governments want to exploit with deep water drilling. In an Independent Scotland we could afford to wait for better safer technology before embarking on this type of drilling.

A say and control over Scotland's abundant fresh water supplies.

Status Quo

Continued share of the UK's spiraling debt.

A tiny twelfth of our trillion pound asset from oil & gas revenues.

An asset the UK will use to borrow on to fill the spiral UK economy loses.

The UK budget has not been balanced over the last 4 years.

In the last 4 years the UK economy lost
- £72.8 billion.

Scottish Banks are UK Banks. The Scots founded the Bank of England.

Are London to be trusted with growing the Scottish economy. How much oil reveues have London spend in the last 30 years. Why did London not promote our industries. London certainly will not reduce Scotland's Corporation tax to increase Scotland's economy which is already in surplus.

In the next 8 years London will keep this additional £8 billion oil and gas revenues.

In the next 8 years the London government will impose £21 billion worth of spending cuts.

Norway, Finland and Denmark are all in a better banking position that the UK.

you will have a choice on all our futures.

Vote Labour, Liberal or Conservative for
savage spending cuts, lost revenues from oil gas and green energy, lost Scottish opportunities, no assets, no Scottish economy growth.

Allowing England continue to claim 6,000 square miles of Scottish Sea. Thus claiming the revenues and rights to the sea bed as well as the fish stocks and rigs for these rightfully Scottish water.
Now the London Government can attribute these revenues and assets to the English economy. Allowing London to control and to start dangerous deep well drilling of the newly discovered west coast oil fields.

A pipeline to England to take Scotlands adundant fresh water supplies South of the border.

12th January 2010 Hugh Fish Fight begins. Half of all fish caught in the north sea are thrown back overboard dead.

Join the fish fight to stop 50% of all fish caught in the North Sea being wasted thanks to an EU Law that stops fishermen landing fish they are not fishing for.

Scottish MSP's were told to wait in the corridors of Brussells, when this law was passed as there was not enough room for them.

Scottish fish stocks deleted by London allowing EU to control Scottish Waters.Please get yourself down to the local chippy and ask them to add Mackrel to the menu and stop this happening. > > > >

21 SEPTEMBER 2010 Cameron targets Scots as Aberdeen is selected to trial Tories' new incapacity benefit cuts.
Why because hardly any Scots voted tory and he has nothing to lose. Full Story

Sign our e-petiton to revoke the 1999 order that made 6,000 sq miles of Scottish sea and sea bed English. Alternatively support our facebook cause.

Your Scotland - Your Voice - Your Future - Analysis of an Independent Scotland

10 POINT GUIDE TO AN INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND - Not persuaded ? - Read this gavin mccrone



Westminster does not want Scotland have the vast wealth of its economy which without oil and gas revenues was + £2.3 billion surplus over the last three years opposed to the UK's - £24 billion deficit!

join the snp Please support and promote Scottish Independence join the SNP £1 a month.

join the snp25% of Scotland's Children 522,000 live in persistent poverty - May 2010
Read the BBC, Barnados, Child Poverty in Scotland, Scottish Government, then vote to bring Scotland's massive North Sea wealth back from London. Your family gives London in oil and gas revenues alone, £2300 a year for every man, woman and child who lives in your home.
Scottish Child Population statistics
With just one day of Scottish Oil and Gas Revenues £32 million a day, Scotland could give every child living in poverty £61 towards poverty busting schemes.


Scotland's Stolen SeaThe formula behind any good economy is Natural Resources + Strong Manufacturing Base + Secure Successful Financial Sector + Skilled Pioneering Workforce + Control of Sovereignty + Transparent Government + Strong Communities + Contented Population.

Scotland's small 5 million population could have all of this if had been allowed to become Independent in 1979 shortly after the immoral and undemocratic 40% rule the Labour Party supported by the Conservative and Liberal Unionist parties, imposed on the 1979 rigged Scottish devolution referendum.

Natural Resources - The £260 Billion the generous Scots have handed London "lock stock and barrel" over the last 30 years, has been wasted by Westminster on four wars, nuclear weapons and being in the EU, which cost every UK citizen £234 a year. (it costs every man, woman and child in Scotland £2300 a year to be in the UK Union) Selling our gold standard and losing £6 Billion. £100 million a year for the House of Lords. £10 million a year for the Scottish Office.


Balance on budget - £ billions

Nuclear Plants in ScotlandIn 2009 Scotland's exports rose by 13.8%. The UK's exports that rose by a mere 0.05% BBC story on Scotland's export success

Windy, wavy Scotland is the power house behind the green revolution that will save the UK or allow Scotland to achieve the things that could have been.

However Westminster want to build the more expensive 11 planned new nuclear power plants, renew trident £100 Billion, (the missiles they MOD are designing are too big for the current fleet of nuclear submarines, so will they be getting replaced as well ?) issue liberty infringing ID cards £5 Billion and continue to waste billions on wars that are not ours including the illegal iraq wars. £4 million for nuclear dumps in Scotland.

Instead an Independent Scotland would have invested £48,000 over the last 30 years per man woman and child living in Scotland on jobs, inwards investment and developing renewable energy "years ago". Norway a smaller oil producer has managed to save £259 Billion and is Europe's most healthy Nation. Known Scottish Oil and Gas fields still have a least £1.2 trillion in them, this collateral is bank rolling the UK and stopping the national debt being "junked".

Massive oil fields have now been discovered in Rockall in the North Atlantic Ocean the Scottish Islands of North Uist and St Kilda are the closest landmass as they are 200 nautical miles away. Additionally a new oil and gas field in West Shetland is to be drilled for 176 million barrels.

Secure Successful Financial Sector - Scotland's largest economy contributor is oil and gas revenues which currently makes London £32 million a day.

As the Scotland's second largest economy contributor is banking, an Independent Scotland would have regulated and monitored Scottish banks, kept the branch bank managers, creating jobs for Scot's throughout the World. An Independent Scotland may have also forced the banks to separateinvestment and retail banking, for a safer and fairer Scottish economy.

Control of Sovereignty - An Independent Scotland without Unionist politicians at work in the Scottish Office making 6,000 miles of Scottish Sea English in 1999 would not have happened. They would also have fought for the reunification of Berwick. In addition to having a say in World politics and would have helped Northern Ireland reach a peaceful solution over its sovereignty "years ago".

Skilled Pioneering Workforce
- Promoting Scotland throughout the World as a tourist destination. Creating jobs on a social level. Creating work from home computer, telesales based jobs. Investing in Ravenscraig and heavy industry and ship building that Scotland excelled in.

Encouraging and supporting the Scottish computer industry that Westminster seamed to give upon in the early 1990's.

Strong Manufacturing Base - Tax breaks for large companies who wanted to move their head offices to Scotland. Improved and built new golf course in Scotland to create an attractive business community. By attracting overseas companies and a strong home grown manufacturing, economy sales and development industries. Scotland would have been able to get the support to effectively train our working population, to become a pioneering skilled labour force.

Strong Communities - Introducing drug and drink policies will gradually change society for the better, like it did when Portugal decriminalized drugs opposed to current London drug policies that have been set up to suppress the people of Scotland.

Scotland futures forum commissioned a report into Scotland's drug and alcohol problems. Read this report constructed by top drug experts. Read pages 14 and 15 first.

One of the recommendations was to decriminalize the possession of all drugs and provide the offer of therapy instead of custodial sentences.

In Portugal they decriminalized drugs and found that in the five years after personal possession was decriminalized, illegal drug use among teens in Portugal declined and rates of new HIV infections caused by sharing of dirty needles dropped, while the number of people seeking treatment for drug addiction more than doubled. Read the full story

Contented Population - Provided fair welfare and health care and invested in Scotland to become, once again World leaders hi tech and bio technologies, sciences and invention.

Transparent Government - Scotland would never have endorsed a political system that allowed a system that would allow an equal third of the votes create a lot more than a third of the seats in Government.

Scotland would not have endorsed a non transparent system to allow politicians to pay themselves higher amounts of money, without informing the general public.

In an Independent Scotland a fair, transparent and unbiased press and media would exist; as there would be no pressure from South of the border to disguise the truth of Scotland economy and prospects from the population of Scotland. This deception is highlighted in the Mc Crone report.

The populations of Scotland, Wales and Ireland have a chance at this 2010 election to start to break away from broken England, which will be the best thing that could happen to England.

On May the 6th, please vote for a Local SNP Champion and help Scotland stand up to the massive public sector cuts that the London based parties will inflict upon Scotland.

A vote for the SNP will help the Liberal Democrats shake up the unfair, un representational electoral system, the Conservatives and Labour parties have allowed to exist in Britain, for their own "unfair" political advantage.

Truth Teller 29/04/2010 - Please re-email and re-blog these word online, even claim these ideas as your own.

Scotland's prospects could have been so different, if Westminster had not overturned the 52% Yes Vote in the 1979 devolution referendum.

If the English Controlled Labour Party had not made this unfair and undemocratic decision, the Scottish could have been asked to vote on Independence years ago !

HolyroodThe case for Scottish Independence is very simple.

In an Independent Scotland, Scot's would have control of their massive North Sea oil revenues. Therefore we would have enough additional cash to commission the re building of TWO Secondary Schools a Day - in 66 Days all of the 132 Secondary Schools in Scotland could be allocated rebuild money. (this calculation is only meant as a way to get your head round how much Scotland donates to the London Treasury in oil revenues)

1. Full Control - opposed to No control to the 12.8 Billion that Scottish oil and gas generates in revenues, that is £2300 for every man woman and child.
Scotland, the only Country in the World to strike oil and stay poorer?

In the last 30 years the Scot's have handed another Countries Government well in excess of £250 Billion revenue from Scottish Oil and Gas, that is £48,000 for every man woman and child who is older than 30 year old.

Add to these figures the revenue that Scotland would make from supplying Green Energy to a quarter of Europe. However the powers that be in Westminster are not keen on the idea and have elected to build another 11 nuclear power stations instead.

2. A Scottish voice in World Politics ? In a Independent Scotland, Scotland's 59 MP's would not have to share an eleventh of the political table with other Countries decision makers.

If Scots were in control of there oil and gas revenues they could erect 16 wind turbines a day. Bringing yet another "World's largest wind farm" with another 15 days of Scottish Oil Revenues.

At the Copenhagen Summit. No representative from the devolved Scottish Government was allowed to attend this important summit for all our futures.

Which is pathetic considering Scotland has the capacity for create enough green energy for a quarter of Europe. Scotland also has the cash to do this if it was in control of its North Sea oil and gas revenges.

3. Only the SNP will stand up for Scotland by opposing the unionist cuts and fight for the rights of Scotland's residents. http://tinyurl.com/5kfmro

4. A say over whether Scots are forced to pay for Trident, just because it lives Scotland and whether the base at Coulport continues to store up to 200 thermonuclear warheads. Read The Herald

The SNP can if enough Scot's vote for them stop the UK economy spiraling into more debt. By halting the £100bn Trident upgrade. An upgrade which is ILLEGAL under the international nuclear non proliferation treaty. In true MOD fashion, there are reports that these new ballistic missiles will not fit into the current submarine launching tubes as they are too small. What a shameful and immoral waste of tax payers money!

Trident nuclear submarines based at HM Clyde Naval Base at Faslane have leaked radioactive coolant into the Gareloch at a serious level three times.

Guardian - BlogSpot Scotland -

Watch this video on Trident poisons Scotland - The Nuclear leaks at Faslane

or read the facts about Trident - Faslane and the Jobs that may be lost.

Get the CND facts and figures on Trident costs and decommissioning cost PDF report

You cannot watch this video as Channel 4 pulled the documentary. (angry face)

Plymouth Nuclear Trident Submarines will move to troubled base in Faslane Scotland
Radioactive leaks from naval base -Full Channel 4 News Story - recovered from way back when machine.

Subs will move to troubled base Full Channel 4 News Story - recovered from way back when machine.

What the papers have to say on Faslane leaking nuclear submarines at Faslane that have leaked untreated radioactive coolant into the Gareloch more than three times. Westminster want to close the nuclear submarine base at Davenport and move the entire the UK's nuclear submarine fleet to Faslane.

The Telegraph - The Daily Record


Start a Green Revolution

5. The Green Energy Business in Scotland could be bigger than Oil and Gas with the potential to supply Europe with a Quarter of it's energy needs. If the decision taken by Scotland's MP's to not re commission Scotland Nuclear Power Plant is not overthrown by Westminster and the Calman Commission read more

Scots energy grid charge 'unfair'

Energy regulators must cut charges imposed on Scots power firms for putting electricity into the national grid, including green energy suppliers. Read the rest of this article.

Why Scotland Does Not Need Nuclear Energy

Scotland has the potential to create green energy from the 600 suitable streams that it has. A generator in a single high fall stream could generate 900 kw at day which is enough to provide electricity for 500 homes.

If all the streams in Scotland were converted that would be enough power for 300,000 homes a day, which is about 54% of Scotland's electricity requirements.

The small cost of these projects could be bourne by the either the Scottish Government or the farmers who own the land. With green energy grants now at 10p a Kw that would equate to £90 a day, £32,850 a year for a project generating 900 Kw of electricity. Which could be healthy boost to Scotland's farming communities and Scotland's hydro turbine and construction industries. Based on a setup cost of £106,000 per stream hydro project, two day's of Scottish oil and gas revenues at £32 Million a day could pay for all 600 projects.

6. More than a 1 to 12 voice in a Parliament located in another Country to over rule decision like :- (in 2008 Forcing HBOS to merge with Lloyds TSB) ~ (2008 secret plans to dump 250,000 tonnes of low radioactive waste from the London 2012 Olympic site in a Landfill in Falkirk) ~ (2008 raiding the Scottish Lottery fund for the London Olympic Games) ~ (in 1999 moving Scotland's Marine boundaries from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Carnoustie making 6,000 miles of Scottish Sea English)

7. In a Independent Scotland, the Scottish Labour Party / Conservative Party / Liberal Party would be controlled by Scots and not English Puppeteers. Allowing them to concentrate on Scotland's 5 Million population opposed to leaving the plight of the Scottish people to the English who have 55 million of a population to please to keep the 523 English seats in Westminster.

8. Scottish politics would lack the back stabbing - cover up - lying - commands from South of the border, making inter party agreements much easier and transparent. (read the Mc Crone Report for proof of deceptive tactics of Westminster in relation what should be a very buoyant Scottish Economy)

9. In a Independent Scotland nothing much would change ~ same Monarch - postal system - rail networks - prisons - same money - same local taxes etc ~ The Population of Scotland, could still, if they prefer refer to themselves as Britons or British. As British Isles are the name of a landmass not a Country.

10. Scotland would be able to have full control over its revenues and not be ripped off ~ for at the moment Scotland is short changed by (2.9 Billion 2005 - 1.8 Billion 2006) form what the GERS report says it has been given.

11. The Union has severed it purpose now it is also a financial liability, in 1979 52% of Scottish voters said YES to a Devolved Scottish Government, Labour said NO then 43 to 19 Scottish MP tried to repel Westminster undemocratic NO decision and again were told No.

An Independent Scotland could be free of the UK's £750 billion in 5 years

Once again Labour have been successful in putting the United Kingdom into recession with £750 billion pounds of debt which is could to rise to £1.4 Trillion. This debt equates to every new born child owing over £17,000. Servicing the interest on that debt will be more than the cost of educating the child, more info.

However Scotland could be debt free in 5 years. If the people of Scotland vote for Independence in 2010 the amount of that debt that would be attributed to Scotland would be reduced to £62.5 billion, as Scotland's population is a twelfth of the size of the United Kingdom.

As Scotland currently receives NO Scottish Oil and Gas revenues worth approximately £13 Billion per annum, this new money could pay off Scotland share of the debt in less than 5 years.

= £62.5 Billion (divided by) £13 Billion Oil and Gas Revenues = 5 Years and Scotland could be free of debt.

30 years after the oil started coming ashore Norway has created £259 Billion social wealth fund. This social fund could easily cover the UK deficit of £175 Billion.

Also the population Scotland has less unsecured debt than England does. UK Debt Map

Please help get the truth of Scotland's rich economy that is in surplus, opposed to the UK economy which is in deficit, out to those who are fooled by the barrage of lies from the London parties - click here

Scotland must see through the smoke screens caused by the loaded gun held against the heads of Scots who vote for London based parties. The alternative for Scotland's future is bleak.

In a Independent Scotland the right wing Conservatives would have little chance of being elected.

In the General Election, set for March 2010, the Conservative will more than likely be elected, despite labour's efforts to convert Scot's voters for their own personal and political gain on the opposition benches of Westminster.

In Scottish Politics it has been the "anti Scottish" Labour Party who have been holding a smoking gun against the heads of a lot of people in Scotland who are misled into voting Labour. This gun has been repeatedly loaded with lies, discloser, spin and unfounded SNP smear campaigns. 
We hope at the next election or referendum those destructive forces at work within the London Labour Party will not get the chance to reload their machine gun of smear, lies and deception. 
Did you know that in 1999 The Labour Parties made 6,000 miles of Scottish Sea English.
The Labour party also overturned the will of the Scottish People who wanted a devolved Government in 1979. In this 1979 Referendum 52% of Scottish voters said Yes to a devolved government. (32.7% of the Population) - To elimate any chance of a devolved parliament the labour party imposed a 40% of the population must say yes ruling. However if the entire population had voted the same way which was unlikely by the Labour Parties fondness of disclosure of forth coming elections. More than 52% not 40% of the population would have said yes. 
Why? So Scotland could continue to give London £22,831 a minute, £32 million a day, £12 billion a year in oil revenues LOCK STOCK AND BARRELL. In return for robbed seas, discarded industries, failed employment policies, larger dole queues, a large amount of the population living in poverty and bad health. Along with daily lies and spin spread by Newspapers controlled by people with an allegiance to Labour due to the threat of the Conservatives. 
Scotland still has the worst health record and the worst poverty in Europe. 
In today's society the Labour party have similar ideals to the Tory parties. Which are to line their own pockets and the pockets those in power and lie to the population about the economy, the massive mistakes and the need to start international wars.

In the 80's the Conservatives brought Britain back from the brink of bankruptcy with the bonanza of oil revenues plundered from Scotland.

This money from oil would be better spent. This money equates to an additional £2300 per year for every living person in Scotland.

If you are over 30 years old and had lived in Scotland for 30 years, you have allowed £48,000 that could have been spend in your name to improve Scotland go to London, since oil and gas revenues started coming in.

Norway the only Independent Nation extracting oil and gas from the North Sea. Has manage to build up a £259 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund while the London Unionist parties at Westminster have manage to get Scotland £62.5 Billion in debt.

In modern times the Scottish Economy has always been in the red.

VOTE FOR SCOTLAND not SCOTLANDSHIRE a badly run County of England.

The Facts of Scottish Independence
Should Scotland become Independent Country, a new treaty of Union could easily be written among Wales, Northern Ireland and England. Unless the people of Northern Ireland and Wales no longer wanted to be associated with Westminster and England.

Once Scotland got it's Independence, We are sure the people of Scotland would not mind if the Union Joke, sorry Union Jack still remained as icon for the British Isles, to avoid having to change a lot of computer systems.

As Her Majesty the Queen is also the Queen of Scotland, the Monarchy would also in not be jeopardy as Union of the Crowns would still exist. Therefore Scotland becoming completely politically Independent from Westminster would not affect any Royalist / Loyalist ideals, what so ever.

Would Scotland survive on its own - "Conservative leader David Cameron thinks so"

For more information visit http://www.oilofscotland.org or if you support the Scottish Labour Party visit http://www.scottish-labour-party.co.uk

What could have been - and what still can be

  • This extra money could have been used for business tax breaks to attract companies to set up in Scotland “like the Irish Celtic Tiger”
  • Scotland could afford to train its work force with real skills for real jobs. Current funding does not allow this.
  • The number of Scottish owned firms could have been increased. If Scotland had become independent every large Corporation i.e. all supermarkets wishing to operate in Scotland would have to build a Scottish Head Office to operate from.
  • The Scots would have stopped Scotland becoming a nuclear dustbin.
  • The powers that be in London would not be secretly trying to dump 250,000 tonnes of radioactive London 2012 Olympic waste in Falkirk.
  • The Scottish Government could have invested in onshore and offshore wind farms and bio plants to provide Britain green electricity "which I hope will be cheaper, however?. (like it is now doing, under the SNP)
  • The Scottish Government do not want to foot the £100 Billion bill for replacing Trident.
  • The Scottish Government could have tackled the chronic housing problems in Scotland and the 40,000 homeless. (like it is now doing, under the SNP)
  • The Nation of Scotland could be closely governed by a Scottish Government opposed to a Westminster Government based in London ~ England. This could have been the case regarding the Scottish Banking industry regulations and the politically advantageous, HBOS Lloyd's TSB merger.
  • The Nation of Scotland has a population of 5.17 Million opposed to the population of the UK 60.5 Million. Therefore a Scottish Government with full control of the Countries substantial resources could devote more attention and money to its citizens. This is why since devolution NHS Scotland has made the Scottish service superior to the service offered in other areas of the United Kingdom.
  • Scotland's MP's would not have had to put up with the prospects of a 11-1 Westminster defeat if they all agreed on opposing an anti Scottish policy, brought before Westminster.
  • Like the secret 1999 order to move Scotland's Marine Boundaries from Berwick-up-on-tweed to Carnoustie, making 6,000 miles of Scotland's sea, English Sea.
  • Scottish Politicians and through them the Scottish People could have a voice in the European and indeed the World stage. This Scottish voice could possibly have made a significant difference in European and World Politics as well as environment issues; as Scotland is Europe's Largest Oil Producer.
  • The Scottish people could have been rallied by a Scottish Government to deter crime at the source "a disillusioned population especially in the young" and convince them that if they contribute more to the community it would be for the better good of themselves and Scotland.

The SNP in a Independent Scotland

The SNP have identical policies to the Liberals with the exception of Independence ?

As a political force the main aim is Independence, however they also fight for what is the best for the Scottish People, not an easy task when you up against the might of Westminster !!!


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